X-Z LAB’s all-digital PET System introduces a paradigm shift in early detection of tumors and diagnostic techniques and leverages the same technology in its digital radiation monitoring solutions (RMS). Our high-quality tools for healthcare professionals vastly exceed the requirements of RMS and are scaled down for the outstanding cost-performance ratio.

Radiation-producing technology such as X-ray machines, X-ray diffraction equipment, and electron microscopes are used in numerous university departments. Many universities handle intensive research where ionizing radiation is prevalent. High levels of radiation exposure could quite possibly exit.

X-Z LAB’s all-digital solutions make risk assessment easier by offering radiation monitoring products of the highest quality for real time dosimetry monitoring to ensure optimal safety. We can help you determine the optimal dosimetry product for your environment and customize solutions by department if necessary.

X-Z LAB’s all-digital products include PET modules, dosimeters, personal radiation detectors (with optional attachable probes), installed area monitors, and scintillation crystals. All-digital products are customized for the safety of physicians and patients.


  • Hospitals
  • Imaging Centers
  • Cancer Centers
  • Medical Practices
  • Dental Practices
  • Veterinary Practices
  • Chiropractic Practices
  • Educational Institutions
  • Research Laboratories


RadPavise | Personal Radiation Detector


RadTarge II D700 | Electronic Personal Dosimeter

RadTarge II Electronic Personal Dosimeter

RadWall S300 | Area Radiation Monitor


BDM | PET Detector Module


LYSO | Scintillation Crystal

LYSO(Ce) | Scintillation Crystal

YSO | Scintillation Crystal

YSO(Ce) | Scintillation Crystal

BGO | Scintillation Crystal

BGO | Scintillation Crystal