Transfer from the Lab to the Marketplace

Most companies pursue “sustaining innovations” by charging the highest prices to their most demanding and sophisticated customers at the top of the market. Pursuit of profitability opens the door to “disruptive innovations.” In contrast, X-Z LAB leverages disruptive innovations, allowing a completely new consumer group access to products and services historically inaccessible to all but the highest budgets. Disruptive innovation applied is transformative technology. Our transformative technology provides inspiration to exceed the perpetual research and development threshold.

X-Z LAB is transforming its scientific advances into a readily available reality with commercially viable products that offer a clear advantage. X-Z LAB was created to drive next-generation, end-to-end-solutions for customized applications to market. We provide solutions with simple, intuitive system operation and highly efficient workflow. Our systems offer flexible configurations to best meet customer applications while offering high performance, exceptional value, and cost-effectiveness. Our products help customers solve complex analytical challenges, improve diagnostics, and increase laboratory productivity.