Modularity-in-design is simply a platform consisting of design options that interact with modularity. It allows flexibility in module design without undercutting the functionality of the system as a whole. The system transitions from one large design option to having many smaller ones (modules). Modules are designed and produced independently of one another, but must function together as a whole. Decentralizing decisions from a central point of control to the individual modules allows high technical potential to be largely disruptive. Modularity-in-design allows X-Z LAB to mix and match best designs within each module, enabling substitutions in module designs as they are invented. Product development becomes a process about creating a platform flexible enough to keep up with evolving product components.

Team up with X-Z LAB, Inc. to develop your unique instrument by using a customizable platform. X-Z LAB provides the quickest path to market with end-to-end solutions. Our next-generation solutions have simple, intuitive system operation and highly efficient workflow. Our modular, system-based designs offer multi-modality and custom engineering, enabling multi-application adaptability, scalability and field upgradability with flexible configurations. Our products solve complex analytical challenges, improve diagnostics, and increase laboratory productivity.


  • Choice of Neutron or Gamma-Scintillation-based detector from a variety of options, including the high performance LaBr3
  • A wide range of commercially available radiation detectors for X-ray, Gamma, Beta and Neutron applications
  • One source for all radiation detectors
  • Inorganics: [LaBr3(Ce)], NaI(Tl), CsI(Na), LYSO, YSO
  • Basic Detector Modules (BDM) for PET systems
  • Plastic scintillators
  • Neutron detectors
  • Other advanced materials
  • Access to standard and custom designs


  • Advanced multi-channel analyzer (MCA)
  • Ready-to-use, reliable detection platform for developers
  • Reduced development time, cost, and risk
  • One stop shopping: full vertical integration and optimization
  • Flexible radiation detection/imaging system with specific performance based on customer requirements
  • Simple radiation detection platform enables study data reconstruction on the actual hardware, escaping limitations imposed by a software simulation environment
  • Field upgrade existing imaging platform with multi-modality which enhances user application research ability


  • Flexibility and fast development offered by product variations, upgrades, configuration, and technology improvements
  • Plug-and-play, mix-and-match compatibility, allowing customer-specific assemblies of components
  • Enabling the creation of entirely new solutions by merely plugging in a new module
  • Hybridizing the advantages of standardization with those of customization, resulting in mass customization
  • Higher reliability and performance of key standardized components
  • Reduced dependence on cost-intensive components/interfaces
  • Ability to exclude a superseded module
  • Ability to selectively upgrade components
  • Backward and forward compatibility
  • Outstanding cost to performance ratio
  • Fast time to market


What could you build with the X-Z LAB modular platform? Use our modular platform to reinvent PET Systems and Radiation Monitoring Systems (RMS)/Radiation Detection components.