X-Z LAB’s All Digital X-Plor Technology is the combination of cutting-edge detection algorithms, software, Digital Sampling Units (DSU), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Data Acquisition (DAQ), new modular hardware architectures, and state-of-the-art detector designs. At the core of All Digital X-Plor Technology is a powerful algorithm called Multi-Voltage Threshold (MVT). X-Z LAB’s All Digital MVT Technology samples scintillation pulses directly with multiple-threshold discriminators and digital SiPM for achieving best-in-class performance.

The traditional ‘analog’ approach, Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC), has technical limitations and design flaws (i.e. high heat, noise, and power consumption) and a high cost-performance ratio. X-Z LAB’s All Digital MVT Technology eliminates the analog bottleneck by integrating low-power CMOS digital electronics and digital Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) chips. Data Acquisition (DAQ) converts analog output to digital samples. MVT converts photons as early in the detection chain as possible into an ultra-high speed digital pulse instantaneously counted by on-chip counter circuitry. The resulting ultra high speed and accuracy, which are important factors in applications such as radiation detection, medical imaging, and high-energy nuclear physics, enable counting with fast timing of the first photon detection.

X-Z LAB’s next-generation Digital Sampling Unit (DSU) is based on the MVT sampling method. Our DSU is capable of providing eight programmable thresholds for each MVT sampling channel, enabling the widest possible dynamic range. A critical step in implementing All Digital architecture is to accurately sample detector waveform signals. To meet the challenge requiring a sampling rate of 4 GS/s (Giga samples per second) or higher, our scintillators are developed with a MVT method which provides amplitude-based sampling. Therefore, our new data acquisition architecture is “All-Digital” (digital-in/digital-out).

X-Z LAB’s highly innovative All Digital components and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) create game-changing parameters and exponential improvement. In contrast to the use of dedicated hardware for detection, we employ a MVT-based detection approach that performs all data processing post-acquisition. This approach has the advantages of reducing hardware complexity and providing extensive flexibility.

MVT provides faster and more accurate radiation detection in a wide range of applications. All Digital MVT Technology virtually eliminates noise, false alarms, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and sensitivity to fluctuations in temperature and voltage. Another benefit is easily testing and implementing various event-processing algorithms for generating more accurate information about a detection event. In combination with its ready upgradability, the resulting instruments are more robust and easier to calibrate. X-Z LAB’s vast network of researchers, ever-growing digital pulse library, and evolving algorithms continually enhance the All Digital X-Plor Technology Platform.