Trans-PET® BioCaliburn® is an All Digital PET Core Technology – Multi-Voltage Threshold (MVT)

MVT Features:

  • Digitized PET nanosecond signal
  • Minimized analog circuitry

MVT Benefits:

  • No signal loss
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Rapid scan
  • High quality image
  • High stability
  • Reliable quantification

All Digital PET System Features

  • The newest ray detection patented technology
    • Acquiring high quality tomography within a short time
  • The newest All Digital system framework
    • Stable system performance
    • Unlimited function expansion
  • Innovative modular multi-system design
    • Imaging and quantitative analysis for animals from rodent to primates
    • Imaging and quantitative analysis for multiple animals simultaneously

All Digital PET Unique Advantages

  • All Digital detection: high quantitative performance
    • True and reliable data
    • Stable and reliable system
    • Fast upgrade and expansion
  • High spatial resolution plus high sensitivity
    • 1.0 mm spatial resolution
    • 8% sensitivity
    • Fast and dynamic PET scan: less than 15 seconds per frame
  • Modularity in design: easy way to upgrade and expand
    • The only commercial PET that can extend the detection diameter and axial field of view
    • Four models: multi-application adaptability
    • Imaging five mice simultaneously: high throughput

All Digital PET Application Fields

  • Gene Imaging
  • Plant Imaging
  • Inflammation Imaging
  • Immune Imaging
  • Cardiology
  • Tumor Imaging
  • Pharmacokinetics (Dynamic Imaging)
  • Neuroscience (Brain Imaging)