YSO(Ce) | Scintillation Crystal

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The YSO(Ce) | Scintillation Crystal by X-Z LAB is a new type of scintillation material with excellent scintillation properties, including high light output, short decay time, and anti-radiation hardness.

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YSO (Y2SiO5) belongs to the monoclinic system. YSO(Ce) | Scintillation Crystal is a scintillation crystal with the best combination of properties available at present.

YSO(Ce) | Scintillation Crystal emits 420 nm light and couples well with PMT under the stimulation of high energy. It also has the advantage of high light yield, short decay time, non-deliquescence, and all around stable physical and chemical properties. Owing to its excellent time and energy resolution, YSO(Ce) | Scintillation Crystal is widely used in radiation detection, dosimetry, and security industries.

YSO(Ce) | Scintillation Crystal is a new type of scintillation material with excellent scintillation properties, including:

  • High light output
  • Short decay time
  • Anti-radiation hardness
  • Stable chemical and physical properties

Growth method: Czochralski
Formula: Y2SiO5
Dimensions: Max diameter 65 mm x 180 mm length (maximum boule)
Available items: Monolithic and pixelated YSO

With access to the complete crystal finishing process, X-Z LAB has the means to provide custom crystals using state-of-the-art fine grinding and polishing machines as well as stable matrix assembly techniques.



YSO(Ce) | Scintillation Crystal applications include radiation detection, dosimetry, and security industries.

The global market for security and radiation safety has been estimated to be over around $1 billion worldwide, including the USA, Europe, and Asia, where most of the growth is occurring.

Products such as RadTarge II | Electronic Personal Dosimeter and RadPavise | Personal Radiation Detector are the paving the way into the 21st Century to set the standard for safety and security when it comes to radiation.

Technical Specifications


4.5 g/cm³

Melting Point

2,273 K

Refractive Index


Effective Atomic Number



5.6 Mohs

Radiation Length

2.75 cm






420 nm

Decay Time

50–70 ns

Light Output

10 photons/keV

Photoelectron Yield

20% ∝ NaI(Tl)

Energy Resolution

9.2 ± 0.4%

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