LaBr3(Ce) | Scintillator Detector

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LaBr3(Ce) | Scintillator Detector uses direct coupling between LaBr3 crystal and PMT, improving the time and energy efficiency.


LaBr3(Ce) | Scintillator Detector utilizes LaBr3 crystal and PMT directly coupling. No optical window is needed between the crystal and PMT, improving the detection efficiency, as well as high energy resolution, time resolution, good energy nonlinearity, and fast decay time. It is widely used in the radiation detection field, energy spectrometer detectors, and high-temperature oil well logging detectors.



  • Environmental monitoring
  • Oil well logging
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Nuclear medicine security
  • Counterterrorism
  • Nuclide identification

Technical Specifications

LaBr3(Ce) Detector Type

Gamma Energy Spectrometer

Diameter of Crystal


Cylindrical High


Peak Emission


Light Yield

50000-63000 Photons/MeV

Energy Resolution

2.6-3.2% Cs-137

Decay Time


Operating Temperature


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