Glass(Er) | Laser Crystal

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Glass(Er) | Laser Crystal has a wide range of applications and is the ideal glass material, suitable for medical purposes involving necessary protection of the eyes.



Glass(Er) | Laser Crystal (erbium and ytterbium co-doped phosphate glass) has a broad range of applications because of its properties. It is the ideal glass material for 1535nm laser due to its eye-safe wavelength of 1535nm and high transmission through the atmosphere. It is also suitable for medical applications where the need for eye protection may be difficult to manage, or may diminish or hinder essential visual observation.

We can also produce erbium laser glass with various ion-doping options upon request. We have four kinds of erbium-doped glasses for different uses: WM4, Cr14, EAT14, and CrE5.


  • WM4: Erbium phosphate glass for ion-exchange purposes
  • Cr14: Erbium phosphate glass for xenon lamp-pumping laser devices and laser range-finder
  • EAT14: Yb3+, Er3+ co-doped phosphate glass, applicable in high repetition rates (1-6Hz) laser diode-pumped 1535nm laser. High Yb3+ doping can be realized to this EAT14 glass.
  • CrE5: CrE5 for large energy output applications. The glass rod of CrE5 works safely at 1Hz repetition after surface strengthening treatment at over 10J output level.

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