Industry and manufacturing workers often deal with severe conditions and therefore need protection even stronger than their risks. Many facilities either produce or use equipment containing radioactive sources, such as those with large liquid storage tanks. They use radioactive level gauges to monitor the level of liquid in the tanks. Numerous non-destructive industrial imaging systems use radioisotopes as tracers, like in pipes or liquid systems, or internally, like in radiography and X-ray equipment. Everyone near any of these systems needs to know his or her exposure level and that no radioactive objects are leaking, misplaced, or stolen. As radiation use for precision measurement and sterilization increases, X-Z LAB radiation protection sprints ahead to ensure employee health.

X-Z LAB’s all-digital products include dosimeters, personal radiation detectors (with optional attachable probes), and installed area monitors.


  • Construction
  • Mining and Petroleum
  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Medical Devices
  • Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturers


RadPavise | Personal Radiation Detector


RadTarge II D300 | Electronic Personal Dosimeter

RadTarge II Electronic Personal Dosimeter

RadWall S100 | Area Radiation Monitor