X-Z LAB, Inc., is an engineering company based in California, with research and development as well as design and manufacturing capabilities in China. Our headquarters are in Bishop Ranch, Northern California’s premier office park in San Ramon.

X-Z LAB provides radiation detection solutions based on All Digital X-Plor Technology consisting of our patented multi-voltage threshold (MVT) algorithm and solid-state silicon photomultiplier (SiPM). MVT breaks through the performance barrier of traditional hardware components and pushes them to a whole new level. X-Z LAB All Digital X-Plor Technology is the combination of cutting-edge detection algorithms, software, and state-of-the-art detector designs, which achieve best-in-class performance.

X-Z LAB’s All Digital X-Plor is a disruptive and enabling technology that supersedes the traditional analog approach, such as the aging vacuum-tube-based photomultiplier in medical imaging, radiation detection, life science, and analytical instruments. X-Z LAB has pioneered the production of its detector technology in high-volume, industry-standard semiconductor fabrication facilities, delivering unprecedented performance, uniformity, quality, reliability, and low cost. X-Z LAB aggressively targets markets where these unique product features provide the greatest advantage to our customers.


  • Uncapped growth
  • Products everyone can believe in
  • Cross-training to increase your career potential
  • Freedom to collaborate with others on their job description and priorities
  • Transparency of X-Z LAB’s strategy, opportunities, and challenges
  • Friendly, relaxed, and professional team atmosphere
  • Flexible work hours and location (depending on position)
  • Flexible dress code (depending on position)
  • Free thinking


  • Debunking radiation myths
  • Crafting state-of-the-art instruments
  • Providing unprecedented cost-performance ratios
  • Saving lives through early detection, research, and safety innovations